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You, and at least one other person (or AI, assuming this game survives the Singularity), are about to embark on a narrative journey informed by the clattering of dice that takes flawed divines, called Scendents, and charts their ascent to true godhood.

The current Pantheon sits in the Grand Devalium, growing complacent as they play their parlor games and imbibe the intoxicating draught of power and dominion. As a player, your aim is to unseat them.

You plot and scheme in Secundus, a sprawling temple-city teeming with all manner of other Scendents. It defies description entirely, with its crenellations of reality, its fractalized spaces from which the surreal and ephemeral locales of its design are birthed, its hollowed empty places couched in shadow hungry for the thoughts of Scendents to fill them with matter-dreams.

But there is another world, the world your Scendent may have come from before their ascent, and the world to which your Scendent returns to build their strength in their bid for a seat on the Pantheon. This world is called Primus. Your mortal followers aid you here. Your consultations of the Constellaria lead you here via Endeavors, so that the breadth of your influence might grow.

Perhaps, one day, your name might reach the ears of the Pantheon. Will your name inspire incredulous sneers and smirks? Or will it signal the coming of a new power? A heretic no longer.

Your choices determine the answer in Incarnate.

If you have questions, or you want to keep up with the game's development, both narratively and mechanically, you can find the author on Twitter .


Incarnate_v10.pdf 614 kB
Player Reference - Scendent Profile.pdf 92 kB


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I've had the fortune to play this game and it's brilliant. Evocative and surreal, all the while encouraging the roleplay of some perfectly flawed would-be gods.